Poultry Registration Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is premises registration?
A. Premises registration is an effort to establish a complete record of all locations in Maryland where livestock and/or poultry are raised, held, or boarded. If you choose to register your premises, the basic contact information you provide ensures that you will be notified quickly when a disease event might put your premises and your animals at risk. While premises registration is a part of Animal Disease Traceability, it is independent of the other two program components (animal identification and animal tracing). Choosing to register your premises in no way obligates you to participate in the rest of the Animal Disease Traceability Program.

Q. What is a premises?
A. In general, a premises is a location where livestock and/or poultry are raised, held, or boarded. Examples would include farms, ranches, markets, exhibitions, and slaughtering facilities.

Q. Am I required by law to register my premises?
A. Animal Disease Traceability is a voluntary program. You are not required by MDA to register your premises.

Q. Why should I register my premises?
A. In an animal health emergency, no one can help you protect your animals if they don't know you are there. The basic contact information provided during premises registration opens the lines of communication between producers and animal health officials. Registering your premises means that you will be alerted quickly when there is a potential disease threat to your animals. You then have the information and assistance you need to take action and protect your animals and your investment.

Q. How do I register my premises?
A. You may opt to register your premises online, or by mailing or faxing the form into one of our Animal Health Offices.

Q. What information do I have to provide to register my premises?
A. When registering your premises, you will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Name of the entity
  • Appropriate contact person
  • Street address/city/state/zip code
  • Contact phone number
  • Operation type (production unit, market, exhibition, slaughter plant, etc.)
  • Alternative phone number(s)