Veterinary Regulations - Chapter 16


Chapter 16 Continuing Education Requirements for Registered Veterinary Technicians
Authority: Agriculture Article, §2-309, Annotated Code of Maryland

.01 Scope.

This chapter applies to any person registered to practice veterinary technology in the State.

.02 Definitions.

A. "AVMA" means the American Veterinary Medical Association.

B. "Board" means the Maryland State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners.

C. "Committee" means the Veterinary Technician Committee of the State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners.

.03 Registration Renewal.

A. Except as provided in §B of this regulation, the Board may not renew a veterinary technician's registration unless that veterinary technician has earned 24 credit hours of continuing professional education during the:

(1) 36 months preceding the beginning of the new registration period; or

(2) 72 months preceding the beginning of the new registration period provided, however, that any credit hours earned before the 36 months preceding the beginning of the new registration period are unused credit hours.

B. The Board may conditionally renew a veterinary technician's registration even if the requirements of §A of this regulation have not been met if the veterinary technician submits to the Board:

(1) Satisfactory proof that these requirements reasonably cannot be met because of exigent circumstances, such as meeting or recently completing an armed services commitment; or

(2) A plan showing that the veterinary technician will, within a reasonable period of time, complete the requirements of §A of this regulation.

.04 Accreditation.

A. Accreditation of continuing education courses by the Committee shall be based upon content. Continuing education courses shall be directed towards improvement, advancement, enhancement, and extension of professional skills and knowledge relating to the practice of veterinary technology.

B. Credit may be approved for the following:

(1) Continuing veterinary technician education programs given by colleges of veterinary medicine or veterinary technology approved by the AVMA;

(2) Lectures and scheduled courses at national and regional meetings of the AVMA;

(3) Continuing education programs given or arranged by the AVMA;

(4) Local, state, regional, or national continuing professional education courses, including graduate and postgraduate studies, institutes, seminars, lectures, conferences, workshops, and extension studies; and

(5) Continuing education programs available on-line, not exceeding:

(a) 8 hours in a 3-year period, or

(b) 4 hours per year.

C. After review of course content, the Committee may withdraw its approval of a previously accredited continuing education course.

.05 Credit Substantiation.

A. A veterinary technician shall keep an accurate attendance record of approved continuing education courses.

B. The Board may request verification from a veterinary technician concerning the technician's attendance at any continuing education course.

C. If a veterinary technician reports false or misleading information to the Board, the veterinary technician may be subject to Board discipline following a hearing.

.06 Failure to Meet Requirements.

The Board may refuse to reregister a registered veterinary technician who fails to meet the continuing education requirements of this chapter. However, if a veterinary technician intends to practice veterinary technology over the next registration period, the veterinary technician shall renew the technician's registration not later than June 30 of each 3-year period by submitting to the Board proof of compliance with the requirements of this chapter.

Administrative History


Effective date: August 13, 2007 (34:16 Md. R. 1433)

Regulation .03A amended effective June 29, 2009 (36:13 Md. R. 900)