Gypsy Moth Spray Schedules and Maps

This page was last updated on April 23, 2018.

There will be no gypsy Moth Suppression in Maryland conducted by the Maryland Department of Agriculture in 2018. Gypsy Moth populations remained at low levels in 2017 due mainly to diseases of the caterpillars. Annual population monitoring will again take place in the late summer and fall of 2018 to determine levels for 2019. Information can also be obtained by calling the gypsy Moth Suppression Information Line at 800-492-2105 or 800-492-2106.

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How to use the spray schedule table (see below)

Spray blocks are listed by county. Next to the county is the spray block name. Block names contain two letters for the county, followed by three numbers specifying specific blocks. Therefore, block number two in Dorchester County is listed as DO002, etc. All spray blocks will be sprayed with Foray 48B which is a formulation of Btk or Bacillus thuringiensis - a naturally occurring soil bacterium. When a block is scheduled for spraying, we will place the scheduled spray date in the table, under "Date to be sprayed," after the block name. When spraying is completed in a block, we will place the date of completion in the table under "Date Sprayed." If no date appears in the columns next to a block name, it has not been scheduled or sprayed yet.  

Blocks are not sprayed in numerical order.

Please be aware that many weather conditions can interfere with, or prevent, scheduled spraying. Conditions such as high winds, rain, rain predicted within four hours, fog, or humidity that is too high or too low can cause delay or cancellation of spray schedules. When a spray schedule is canceled, it will be rescheduled, but not necessarily for the next day. Please check our listings after a block is scheduled to be sure it was sprayed as scheduled.

No suppression scheduled in Maryland by MDA 

If you need further information, please call:  410-841-5870. ​​​​​