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 2014 Fair and Show Requirements

​The Maryland Department of Agriculture's (MDA), Animal Health Program strives to safeguard Maryland's animal industries at our Fairs and Shows. With an increased potential of disease transmission occurring when large numbers of animals gather for exhibition, MDA has set forth requirements for exhibitors to follow at Maryland Fairs and Shows. As an exhibitor you can help reduce the potential risk of introduction and spread of infectious and/or contagious diseases by following the species specific health requirements as below.

2014 Fair & Show Regulations (click to view or read below)

New Fair & Show Regulations for 2014 ​

*Livestock failing to meet Health Requirements will be denied entry or removed from the exhibition - “REJECTED”.
See Animal Health Rejection Policy

Inspect Before You Show.....

All exhibitors must inspect their animal(s) for signs of contagious or infectious disease before coming to a show in the state of Maryland. This includes out of state exhibitors. A "Self Certification of Animal Health" must be completed prior to loading animals for exhibition.


Equine Self Certification Form

Livestock Self Certification Form

Poultry Self Certification 

Rabbit Self Certification


    If you have any questions or are unsure of any of these animal health requirements for Maryland fairs and shows, please contact the MDA Animal Health Headquarters Office during normal business hours.