Maryland - Grown Foods

​The Charts below list the availability of fruits and vegetables grown in Maryland!

chart of available fruits in maryland  
chart of available vegetables in maryland 

Local Food Strategies (From MN Farm to School)

  • Buy fresh fruits and vegetables in season, close to the start of the school year.
  • Buy fruits and vegetables later in the year from farmers who have storage facilities.
  • Buy from farmers who use season extension methods such as high tunnels or greenhouses.
  • Buy meats, dairy products, and non-perishable food items at any time of the year.
  • Buy fresh fruits and vegetables in season, and process them in the school kitchen for later use.

Quick ideas to Incorporate maryland Food Products

  • Offer whole fresh fruits/vegetables
  • Feature a food or specific ingredient on your menu, on a salad bar, or in a recipe
  • Offer free samples in the classroom or cafeteria
  • Conduct a nutrition education activity with a food in the cafeteria or classroom
  • Invite farmer to speak, offer, and display foods in the cafeteria
  • Invite a friend, colleague, parent, or anyone who grows or has an interest in local foods to speak or display foods in your school.

Menu Ideas

  • Maryland Fruits and Vegetables: Collection of fruit and vegetable pictures with selection and storage tips, prepartion tips, and other kid friendly ideas.