Board of Trustees

The Maryland Agricultural Land Preservation Foundation is administered by a thirteen-member Board of Trustees which includes the State's Comptroller, Treasurer, Secretary of Agriculture, and Secretary of Planning, all of whom serve as "ex officio" members. The other nine members of the Board serve "at-large" and represent various regions of the State. All members are appointed by the Governor and serve a term of four years. At least five of the at-large members are farmer representatives; the Board has representation from the Maryland Agricultural Commission, the Maryland Farm Bureau, the Maryland State Grange, and the Maryland Young Farmers' Advisory Board.

Responsibilities of the Foundation's Board of Trustees include

  • Disseminating information to farmland owners and other Maryland citizens;
  • Providing assistance and coordination to the twenty-three Agricultural Land Preservation Advisory Boards;
  • Promulgating program rules, regulations, and procedures;
  • Reviewing and approving easement applications; and
  • Acquiring by purchase or donation, agricultural land preservation easements on productive agricultural land.

Members of the Board Trustees


Bernard L. Jones, Sr.        
Chair, Board of Trustees
At-large Representative
Carroll County resident
Appointed:  2010
Michael Calkins 
Vice-Chair, Board of Trustees       
Young Farmers' Advisory Board Representative
Howard County resident
Appointed:  2014         
William Allen        
At-large Representative         
Frederick County resident        
Appointed:  2016        
Tom Mason        
Farm Bureau Representative
Kent County resident
Appointed:  2016
Donald T. Moore
Maryland Grange Representative
Cecil County resident
Appointed:  2009
Milly B. Welsh        
Agriculture Commission Representative        
Anne Arundel County resident        
Appointed:  2016        
Catherine Cosgrove
At-large Representative        
Calvert County resident
Appointed:  2016
Ralph Robertson        
At-large Representative        
Carroll County resident
Appointed:  2016
Joseph W. Wood
At-large Representative
St. Mary's County resident
Appointed:  2017
Honorable Peter Franchot
State Comptroller
Ex Officio Member
Represented by Jerome Klasmeier
Honorable Wendi Peters        
Secretary of Planning
Ex Officio Member
Represented by Daniel Rosen        
Honorable Nancy K. Kopp
State Treasurer
Ex Officio Member        
Represented by Susanne Brogan
Honorable Joe Bartenfelder
Secretary of Agriculture
Ex Officio Member
Represented by James P. Eichhorst