Forest Pest Management


Our Mission is to serve the citizens of Maryland by protecting the rural and urban forest landscape tree resources from adverse effects of insects, diseases and other pests through environmentally sound pest management.

The goal of the Forest Pest Management Section is to protect high value forest and landscape trees in urban and rural areas from losses due to insects and diseases.

The most destructive forest pest in Maryland is the gypsy moth. The Forest Pest Management Section conducts several activities to monitor, assess and manage gypsy moth infestations in the State.

Many other tree diseases or insect infestations affect the health of Maryland forests. Forest Pest Management monitors Maryland forests and provides advice on forest insects and diseases.

Field activities are conducted from our four regional field offices in Forest Hill, Cumberland, Easton and Frederick.

To find out more, call Forest Pest Management at 410-841-5870 or follow the links on this page.