Egg Distributor/Packer Application


Anyone who sells or distributes eggs or packages them for sale to wholesalers, retailers or food service facilities in Maryland must register as an Egg Packer OR Distributor. This helps ensure that registered Distributors and Packers meet the standards for quality, weight, labeling, and food safety that are set by the Maryland Egg Law.


STATE: Agriculture Article 4-311; COMAR 15.04.01


An applicant completes an application provided by the Department of Agriculture.

Producer/Packer Application

Distributor Application​



AVERAGE: 40 days


None for Egg Producers/Packers with fewer than 3,000 chickens.

All others: $30 per year plus a fee of .08 cents per 30 dozen eggs sold to retailers, food service facilities or consumers. The fee of .08 cents per 30 dozen eggs does not apply to eggs sold to wholesalers.

Registrations are renewed annually by December 31.


Anyone dissatisfied with a decision, action or failure to act regarding a permit or license may write to the Secretary of Agriculture, who will issue a written decision within 30 days of the filing of the complaint. A complainant dissatisfied with the Secretary’s decision may appeal to a Board of Review within 30 days of receiving the Secretary’s decision. Requests should be sent to: Chairman, Board of Review, 50 Harry S. Truman Parkway, Annapolis MD 21401. At the hearing, each side has 30 minutes to present arguments. The board affirms, reverses or modifies the decision of the Secretary of Agriculture.;


Egg producers and processors should be familiar with the US Department of Agriculture National Poultry Improvement Plan. Shell egg packers and shell egg producer/packers with more than 3,000 chickens should be familiar with the regulations governing the inspection of eggs and egg products found in 7 CFR Part 59, administered by the US Department of Agriculture.


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