Grain Grading/Inspection

MDA's Grain Grading program is designated by the USDA's Federal Grain Inspection Service to provide official inspection and weighing services for all domestic markets and for grain exported in containers. All other official inspection and weighing services for export must be conducted by USDA's FGIS Field Office in Toledo, Ohio. Both on site sampling and inspection/analysis of submitted samples are provided through MDA's Annapolis office. Submitters of samples should verify the required sample size prior to submission. An official USDA FGIS certificate documenting the results of official inspection and weighing services will be mailed, faxed or emailed to the requester. The program is funded by fees​ charged to users on a full time contract basis, an as needed fee basis or per sample.

Grain samples can be examined for damage, foreign material, color and moisture content in addition to other quality factors. Samples can be analyzed for mycotoxins such as vomitoxin and aflatoxin. Grain producers and marketers request grading to determine quality factors affecting the price or the appropriate use of the product. Descriptions of quality factors for grain are available at

Food Quality Assurance Program
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