Measurement Compliance Program Questions

How do I find someone to repair my weighing or measuring equipment(scale, gas pump, etc.)?

You may want to check the yellow pages in your area or search the Web under "scales repairing" or “scale repair”. The Department registers service agencies involved in the installation, service, repair or reconditioning of commercial weighing and measuring devices in Maryland. Click on the More Info block to review the list of registered companies for scales and meters.

Do I have to license or register my weighing or measuring equipment(scale, gas pump, etc.)?

If you are using a scale, gas pump or other weighing or measuring device commercially (i.e. to buy or sell) you must register the device and pay a device registration fee. Contact our office to determine if you need to register your device.

Where can I have my standards certified?

Standards must have a certificate of accuracy provided from a certified calibration source. Please click the Metrology link on the left to view the types of instruments our laboratory calibrates.

To find out more call 410-841-5790, or click on the links in the left column.