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 Mexican Bean Beetle

Mexican bean beetle (MBB) is a major insect pest of beans in the Mid-Atlantic region. MBB adults and larvae eat the undersides of bean leaves causing lacing of the foliage. High levels of defoliation can significantly reduce bean yields. Pediobius foveolatus is a small beneficial wasp that will seek out and destroy Mexican bean beetle larvae.

Imported from India, this non-overwintering wasp can suppress MBB to non-damaging levels. The Plant Protection Section has raised this effective biological control agent since the late 1970's to control MBB on commercial soybean acreage in Maryland. The Section now also offers this effective biological control agent for sale to organic and home gardeners in Maryland. For more information, please contact the Plant Protection Section at: (410) 841-5920.

Mexican beetle
Pediobius foveolatus
stinging Mexican bean beetle larva