Animal Cruelty Reporting

FOR VETERINARIANS: As of October 1, 2017, veterinarians who have reason to believe that an animal they are treating has been subjected to cruelty or animal fighting are required to report it to the appropriate law enforcement agencies
What to Report: 
If you, as a veterinarian, suspect abuse, you are required to note the following in a report: 
  1. The name, age and location of the animal;
  2. The name and home address of the owner or custodian of the animal; 
  3. The nature and extent of the suspected animal cruelty or animal fighting, including any evidence or information available concerning possible previous instances of animal cruelty or animal fighting; and
  4. Any other information that would help determine the cause of the cruelty or animal fighting and the identity of any individual responsible for the suspect cruelty or animal fighting. 
The law provides immunity from civil liability to veterinarians who report in good faith or who participate in an investigation of suspected animal cruelty or animal fighting. Veterinarians who do not report are subject to disciplinary action by the Board. 

The State Board is also responsible for adopting regulations to protect the identity of veterinarians who make a report and to establish conditions under which the substance of a report may be disclosed. Those regulations are being developed now and are expected to be submitted in the late spring or summer of 2018. 

Read the bill: HB 1463 -Veterinary Practitioners - Animal Cruelty and Animal Fighting - Reporti​ng, passed during the 2017 Legislative Session.
Where to Report
  • Allegany County Animal Control: 301-777-5930 or 911
  • Anne Arundel County Animal Control: 410-222-8900, ext 3939
  • Baltimore County Animal Control:  410-887-7297
  • Baltimore City Animal Services: 410-396-4698 – Sharon Miller
  • Calvert County – Tri-County Shelter: 301-932-1713
  • Carroll County Humane Society: 410-848-4810
  • Caroline County Humane Society: 410-820-1600
  • Cecil County Animal Serivce: 410-920-3309 Abigail Bingham
  • Charles County – Tri County Shelter: 301-932-1713
  • Dorchester County Animal Control: 410-228-3083
  • Frederick County Animal Control: 301-600-1603
  • Garrett County Animal Control: 240-321-4371
  • Harford County Animal Control: 410-638-3505
  • Howard Country Animal Control: 410-313-2786
  • Kent County Humane Society: 410-778-3648 or 443-282-0063
  • Montgomery County: 301-279-8000. (police non-emergency line)
  • Prince George’s County Animal Management: 301-780-7232
  • Prince George’s County - City of College Park: 301-375-3165
  • Queen Anne’s County Animal Control:  410-758-2393
  • St Mary’s County – Emergency Services, Animal Control Department - 301-475-8018.​
  • Somerset County: 410-651-0986
  • Talbot County  Humane Society: 410-822-0107 
  • Washington County Animal Control: 301-733-2060  x214
  • Wicomico County Humane Society: 410-749-7988
  • Worcester County Animal Control: 410-632-1340

Vanessa Orlando
Executive Director

Where to Report:
Animal cruelty is a crime under the 
jurisdiction of local law enforcement. 
Click here for a list of agencies where veterinarians can report suspected cruelty cases in each county.