Veterinary Technician Committee

Calling for Nominations for the Veterinary Technician Committee
Apply by February 28, 2018
Are you a licensed veterinarian or Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT) who wants to help advance and promote the role of RVTs in the veterinary health care system? Apply now for a seat on the Maryland Veterinary Technician Committee.
Who is eligible?
Any Veterinarian and Registered Veterinary Technician who is licensed and in good standing in Maryland. The Board has seven members. All are selected by the State Board, with the approval of the Agriculture Secretary.
What is the term?
All members who are appointed in 2018 will serve at least a three-year term. After the committee is formed, three to four members will be selected to serve four year terms so that the committee can retain some continuity when terms expire. We will also be looking for someone to serve as Vice Chair who can graduate to Chair in the next two years.
What is the time commitment?
  • The committee will meet in person twice a year in a central location to be determined. These meetings will generally focus on developing recommendations for the State Board about proposed regulations or changes to current regulations that impact RVTs.
  • The committee reviews RVT applications that fall outside the norm – usually applications from  those who did not graduate from an accredited Veterinary Technology Program or from graduates of unaccredited foreign institutions. This review is done by email, however, committee members are expected to review the application and respond within 72 hours. Occasional conference calls may be required. The committee will generally review two or three such applications each month.
  • Committee members will be asked to review submissions from the annual Continuing Education Audit to determine compliance. Committee members must agree to be audited as well.
Is there any stipend?
Unfortunately, no. However, the Board will pay for any travel expenses and other costs associated with serving on the committee, providing those expenses are pre-approved.
When would I start?
The first meeting is tentatively scheduled for late April or May, 2018
Apply online by February 28, 2018 HERE. No paper applications will be accepted.
If you have any questions, call 410-841-5862 or email mda.veterinaryboard@maryland.gv
See the Section 2-309 of the Veterinary Practice Act dealing with Registered Veterinary Technicians and the Veterinary Technician Committee.

See Code of Maryland regulations pertaining to Registered Veterinary Technicians

The legal charge of the Veterinary Technician Committee is as follows:

  1. Evaluate, examine, and determine the qualifications for applicants for registration as a veterinary technician;
  2. Recommend to the Board the subject, scope, form, date, time, and location for each examination;
  3. Establish continuing education requirements for veterinary technicians;
  4. Define the duties and responsibilities of registered veterinary technicians;
  5. Recommend to the Board reasonable rules and regulations to carry out the provisions of this section; and
  6. Generally assist the Board in registering and regulating veterinary technicians. 

APPLY HERE​ by February 28, 2017


Committee Chair

David McKeown, D.V.M., Acting Chair