Veterinary License Registration Renewals

Licensing renewal is open for veterinarians, veterinary hospitals and registered veterinary technciians. 

The deadline for renewal has been extended to midnight, July 31, 2018. Late fees will kick in Aug. 1, 2018.  For the latest information, follow us on Twitter @MdVetBoard​

If you are a veterinarian, licensed in the last 12 months, you should have received an email with a CE Exemption. If you have not received it, call or email us. 

If you are a veterinarian who has been licensed more than 12 months & did not get an email link or you are having trouble with it:
  • Use a Chrome browser if possible
  • Go to 
  • Selected "Log In"
  • Enter your home email
  • Select “Forgot Password,” 
  • CHECK YOUR EMAIL for a reset link (not the page that pops up.) Make sure the link you see was sent after you clicked "forgot password." If you click on an old link or the original email, it won't work.
  • Choose a  password that is at least 8 characters and includes at least 1 capital letter & 1 special character. (If you are having trouble getting a password accepted and it has a number in it, try leaving out the number. We don't know why but that has been causing problems for some.) 
  • If you still have trouble, call us during business hours or email us your name and license number to 

Registration certificates will be emailed out within 24 hours after payments is submitted. Your renewal may say "pending" or "received" until its sent.  

​Some emails are getting left off inadvertently. Please remain patient if yours is one of them. 
We appreciate your continued patience.

Check twitter for the latest @MdVetBoard​

Tonya D. Kendrick
Licensing Administrator

Veterinary Practice Act Regulations  
If you haven't reviewed the Veterinary Practice Act​ or the regulations of the Act in awhile, now is a good time to review them. You are required to know them and to follow them. 


If you are opening a new veterinary hospital, changing the name of an exisit hospital, or changing locations for a hospital, you have to let us know. See more info.​

For the latest information, follow us on Twitter @MdVetBoard