The Animal Shelters Standards Act of 2016 
applies to all county animal shelters, all organizations that contract with a county or a municipality for animal control, or any organization that shelters animals and has received funds from the Maryland Spay and Neuter Grants Program since 2015.  Read more.​
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Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners

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The Board sets minimum standards by which veterinarians, registered veterinary technicians, and veterinary hospital owners shall comply through legislative and regulatory adoptions and amendments. The Board also licenses and registers veterinarians annually, licenses and inspects veterinary hospitals, licenses humane organizations annually, and registers veterinary technicians triennially, provides disciplinary information to other state veterinary boards and the public, and submits licensure verification to other state veterinary boards upon request.

The Board also investigates consumer complaints, initiates its own investigations, and determines whether disciplinary action shall be taken against veterinarians, registered veterinary technicians, and veterinary hospitals as required by Agriculture Article, §2-301, et seq., Annotated Code of Maryland. Additionally, the Board reviews requests for approval of continuing education credits for veterinarians and veterinary technicians, provides information on the Board to the public through a web page, and works with the Veterinary Technician Committee in setting practice standards for registered veterinary technicians.

Our Mission

The mission of the Board is to protect the public and animal health and welfare through:

  1. Effective licensure of veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and veterinary hospitals under its jurisdiction;
  3. Effective discipline of veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and operators of veterinary hospitals under its jurisdiction, when warranted; and
  5. Adoption of reasonable standards for the practice of veterinary medicine in the State of Maryland.

Our Vision

A State in which the public can be assured of safe practices by all licensed veterinarians, registered veterinary technicians, and veterinary hospitals.

Contact Information

Main Office: 410-841-5862
Fax: 410-841-5780

Executive Director

Tonya D. Kendrick
Licensing Administrator


Veterinary License Renewal for FY18

Veterinarians, veterinary hospital and some veterinary technicians must renew their licenses by June 30, 2017. You will need your license number AND control number to renew. Control numbers were mailed out April 18, 2017. If you do not have it, call us at 410-841-5862. 
Renew here!

For more info about license renewals and PDMP Registration.

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