Maryland Organic Certification Program

Certified Organic sealOrganic certification means anyone who produces, processes or handles organic agricultural products must be certified by a USDA-accredited certifier in order to sell, label or represent their products as "organic." Organic certification is not a guaranty of quality or purity of the product. Rather, it is evidence of the operation's adherence to a prescribed system of agriculture and food production.

The Maryland Organic Certification program is designed to provide assurance to consumers who purchase organic products that the products were grown according to the national organic standards. The Maryland Department of Agriculture is accredited by the USDA for compliance with the National Organic Program.​​ 

 The Farm Bill provides funding to assist with the costs of organic certification. Producers and handlers certified by USDA accredited certifiers are eligible to receive reimbursement for 75% of certification fees, up to a maximum of $750. Maryland producers must submit the Cost Share Application to MDA, Organic Certification Program to receive the reimbursement. Reimbursement cannot be issued until the producer is issued a certificate. Non MDA certified producers must be in Maryland and submit a copy of their certification fees invoice with their cost share application to receive reimbursement


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This spreadsheet is up to date as of 3/9/2021 and is updated periodically. Please see the USDA Organic Integrity Database for more recent data.

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