Laws and Regulations

Animal Health Regulations and Executive Orders
15.11.01 Health Requirements Governing Admission of Livestock and Poultry into Maryland
15.11.02 Eradicating Brucellosis in Cattle in Maryland
15.11.03 Health Requirements for Cattle Passing through Public Stockyards, Public Sales and Livestock Dealers, and Farm to
15.11.04 Prohibiting Living Hog Cholera Virus Vaccine in Maryland - Repealed
15.11.05 Swine Imported into Maryland
15.11.06 Swine Herd Validation for Brucellosis and Validated-free Areas in Maryland
15.11.07 Control, Eradication, or Both, of Infectious Diseases of Swine
15.11.08 Eradication of Hog Cholera - Repealed
15.11.09 Eradication of Tuberculosis in Swine
15.11.10 Eradication of Sheep Scabies in Maryland - Repealed
15.11.11 Salmonellosis of Poultry
15.11.12 Equine Infectious Anemia
15.11.13 License Required to Feed Garbage to Swine When is Heat-Treated at its Source
15.11.14 Requirements for Livestock or Animal Exhibitions
15.11.15 The Control and Eradication of Pseudorabies in Swine and Other Livestock Within Maryland
15.11.16 Animals Whose Importation, Sale, or Possession or Restricted in Maryland
15.11.17 Humane Treatment of Livestock, Including 3-D Livestock, at Auction Markets
15.11.18 Eradication of Scrapie in Maryland
15.11.19 Administrative Penalty Standards for Violations of Contagious or Infectious Disease Prevention Requirements