Animal Diseases of Concern

To report a disease or suspected reportable disease, call the Annapolis Animal Health Headquarters: 410-841-5810​

​You are the best protection for your animals. All poultry growers and owners of livestock, birds and other animals are encouraged to look for signs of illness in their animals, report sick animals, and practice biosecurity. Biosecurity means doing everything possible to protect animal health by preventing the transmission of disease. Taking common sense precautions to prevent disease from coming onto a farm is the cornerstone of keeping livestock and poultry healthy.

It is important to look for and report signs of illness immediately.

Reportable Diseases in Maryland

List of Reportable Diseases​​​

For Veterinarians 

Veterinarians must report any disease on the list of reportable diseases​ to the State Veterinarian within 48 hours of first knowledge of disease.

To report a disease or suspected reportable disease:
During normal business hours, call the Annapolis Animal Health Headquarters: 410-841-5810

After Hours, call the After Hours on Call Duty Veterinarian: 410-841-5971

Please be prepared to provide a description of the animal, the name and address of the owner or person in charge of the animal, location of animal, and number of animals potentially exposed. 

Don't wait. Report disease!

  • Your veterinarian
  • Local extension agent
  • Maryland Department of Agriculture, Animal Health: 410-841-5810
  • Maryland Department of Health (DHMH): 410-767-5649
  • USDA Hot line: 866-536-7593
  • USDA Area Veterinarian in Charge: 410-349-9708

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