​​C​attle Health

We take pride in healthy cattle in Maryland. Animal Health officials work with producers and veterinarians to prevent the most threatening cattle diseases. Read our reportable disease list to find out what diseases we monitor in cattle.

Disease Programs

Maryland is proud to be a bovine tuberculosis free state and a bovine brucellosis free state. Even if we are free of tuberculosis and brucellosis, testing of Maryland cattle and imported cattle will help completely eradicate bovine tuberculosis and bovine brucellosis from the United States. 

Register Your Herd

By registering the premises where you keep cattle, you protect your herd and others against the serious threat of a disease outbreak. Premises registration is required to get official identification for cattle. Visit our animal disease traceabilty page to learn more.

Official Cattle Tags

We recommend that all cattle producers us official identification- eartags that have a U.S. shield- for cattle identification. Visit our animal disease traceability​ page to learn more.