Animal Disease Traceability

Premises Registration

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Premises registration is key to help respond to and minimize the impact of an animal disease outbreak.  The first step in implementing an animal identification system is identifying and registering premises where livestock is congregated. 

Animal Health officials work with federal and state partners along with producers to establish a successful identification program that will enable rapid traces to disease suspects and therefore rapid and more effective disease control.

    The Maryland Department of Agriculture provides free metal official identification tags to producers upon request. If you would like to request tags, or have any questions regarding official identification or Premises registration, please contact us.​ 

    Final Federal Rule Issued: Animals Moving Interstate are Required to have Official Identification 

    The federal government issued final regulations in January 2013 that now require most animals moving interstate (unless going directly to slaughter) to have official identification. States are required by this rule to implement and oversee individual official animal identification for animals moving in interstate commerce.

    General information about animal disease traceability, the final rule and a summary of the requirements can be found at the USDA website posted below:


    Click Here For 2018 Maryland Fair and Show Policy ​​


    Do you have official ID?

    Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags allow animals to moooove faster! Also, tags are now required for cattle and swine shown at Maryland exhibitions.
    scrapie tag 

    Use our Premises Registration Form​​​ to acquire a new premises identification number or contact us @ 410-841-5810.  For more information, please click here​​.

    Scrapie tags are required for all sheep and goats leaving the farm. Call 
    804-343-2560 to order Scrapie tags. 

      scrapie tag sheep and goat                      USDA Scrapie Tags