Conservation Education

The Maryland Department of Agriculture works closely with the state's 24 local soil conservation districts to educate students on the benefits of clean water, productive soil and a healthy food supply. District-sponsored soil judging contests, classroom visits, conservation camps and career workshops help promote a sense of environmental responsibility and interest in young people.

Get Involved! 

Welcome to Your Watershed Game...Play Now!
Our actions on the land can affect the Chesapeake Bay. Players explore the many connections between people and the water—both on the farm and in their schools and neighborhoods. Welcome to Your Watershed is for students in grades 2-8. Take the quiz after you’ve played the game.

Maryland's Lawn Fertilizer Law
Maryland's lawn fertilizer law requires lawn care professionals and homeowners to obey fertilizer application restrictions, use best management practices when applying fertilizer, observe fertilizer blackout dates and follow University of Maryland recommendations when fertilizing lawns.

Maryland Envirothon for High School Students
Find out about this field oriented natural resources competition for high school students interested in the outdoors. Read the brochure...