Animal Waste Technology Grants

Poultry Litter Storage  

​​The Application Window for FY21 Is Now Closed

Maryland's Animal Waste Technology Fund provides grants to vendors, businesses, and individuals offering technologies that demonstrate innovative, economically feasible animal waste projects should apply.

New for 2021, innovative technology proposals that treat animal waste streams in addition to animal manure, will be accepted. Examples include dairy wastewater, poultry processing waste, and livestock mortality among others. Read the Fiscal Year 2021 Grant Proposal here.  ​

Maryland farmers play a key role in helping the state meet 2025 Chesapeake Bay cleanup goals. They follow nutrient management pans when fertilizing crops and are implementing phased-in phosphorus management regulations that may limit their use of manure as a nutrient source. 

To help producers comply with its new phosphorus management regulations and remain profitable, Maryland is investing in innovative technologies that add value to the farm business model. 

Established in 2013, the Animal Waste Technology provides grants to companies that demonstrate new technologies on farms and provide alternative strategies for managing animal waste. These technologies may generate  energy from animal waste, reduce on-farm waste in local streams, and repurpose manure by creating marketable fertilizer and other products​ and by-products. 

Funding support is provided by the Maryland Energy Administration and by the Chesapeake and Atlantic Coastal Bays Trust Fund. 

See PDFs at right for more information on projects.

Updated January 21, 2021