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 Maryland Agricultural Water Quality Cost-Share Program

The Maryland Agricultural Water Quality Cost-Share (MACS) Program provides farmers with grants to cover up to 87.5 percent of the cost to install conservation measures known as best management practices (BMPs) on their farms to prevent soil erosion, manage nutrients and safeguard water quality in streams, rivers and the Chesapeake Bay. Grassed waterways (pictured) planted to prevent gully erosion in farm fields, streamside buffers of grasses and trees planted to filter sediment and farm runoff, and animal waste management systems constructed to help farmers safely handle and store manure resources are among more than 30 BMPs currently eligible for MACS grants.

NEW: The MACS Manual has been updated as of October 2013. Download the latest version today. 


SECTION I-Intro and Overview
Introduction I-1
Goal and Objectives I-2
Program Overview I-4
General Eligibility I-5
Specific Eligibility Criteria and Guidelines I-6
Application Procedures I-8
Distribution of Cost-Share Funds I-11
Project Monitoring By Soil Conservation Districts I-13
Transfer of Property Guidelines I-14
Conservation Grants Program Staff I-16

SECTION II - Eligible Best Management Practices and Cost-Share Rates

Eligible Practices and Cost-Share Rates (Numerical Order)

Eligible Practices and Cost-Share Rates (Alphabetical Order)

  • 313 Waste Storage Structure
  • 318 Dead Bird Composting Facility
  • 327 Conservation Cover
  • 330 Contour Farming
  • 331 Contour Orchard
  • 342 Critical Area Planting
  • 350 Sediment Basin
  • 359 Waste Treatment Lagoon
  • 362 Diversion
  • 378 Sediment Control Pond
  • 382 Fencing
  • 386 Field Border
  • 390 Riparian Herbaceous Cover
  • 391 Riparian Forest Buffer
  • 393 Filter Strip
  • 410 Grade Stabilization Structure
  • 412 Grassed Waterway
  • 468 Lined Waterway or Outlet
  • 512 Pasture Management
  • 558 Roof Runoff Structure
  • 561 Heavy Use Area
  • 574 Spring Development
  • 578 Stream Crossing
  • 585 Strip-Cropping, Contour and 586 Strip-Cropping, Field
  • 587 Structure Water Control
  • 600 Terrace System
  • 614 Watering Facility
  • 635 Wastewater Treatment Strip
  • 642 Water Well
  • 657 Wetland Restoration for Water Quality 

  • SECTION III - Forms and Instructions

    SECTION IV - District Program Management

    SECTION V - Appendix



    Contact Information

    Norman Astle
    Program Administrator

    Office Address
    50 Harry S. Truman Parkway
    Annapolis, MD 21401
    Telephone: 410-841-5834