Governor’s Intergovernmental Commission for Agriculture

​​Official Name:Governor’s Intergovernmental Commission for Agriculture

Entity's Vision and Mission:

The Commission shall work to promote the economic profitability of agriculture in the State by ensuring that all appropriate State agencies work in a cooperative, coordinated manner with local government and industry groups in planning, implementing, overseeing and evaluating intergovernmental initiatives related to agricultural affairs of the State.

Primary Responsibilities:

(a) Promote a clear and consistent business-friendly climate for agriculture in the State by serving as a liaison between the Governor and local governments and industry organizations;
(b) Develop an annual, coordinated intergovernmental plan for services and functions dealing with the agricultural affairs of the State;
(c) Develop procedures for identifying and assessing agricultural developments with a potential for impact on the State and on local governments, and for
(d) Develop and implement a consistent, systematic method for the coordination of the State's agricultural economic development activities;
(e) Develop and implement specific and measurable actions to improve the economic and regulatory climate for agriculture in the State;
(f) Make recommendations for programs and policies, if appropriate, in order to ensure that the needs and goals of the State's agricultural strategy are met and accomplished;
(g) Undertake the establishment of an "agricultural affairs information center" that serves as the first point of contact regarding agricultural issues impacting farmers in the State.

Entity's members:

Members (Ex Officio)
Group Representing
Sec. Joe Bartenfelder(CHAIR) Maryland Department of Agriculture
Sec. Ben Grumbles
Maryland Department of the Environment
Sec. Robert R. Neall​ Maryland Department of Health
Sec. Jeannie Haddaway-Riccio

Sec. Robert McCord​

Sec.Kelly M. Schulz

Dr. Craig Beyrouty
Maryland Department of Natural Resources

Maryland Department of Planning

Maryland Department of Commerce

UMD College of Agriculture & Natural Resources


Ty Petty Maryland Agricultural Commission
Rodney Glotfelty Maryland Association of County Health Officials
Sarah O'Herron MARBIDCO
Laura Price Maryland Association of Counties
George Mayo Maryland Agricultural Education Foundation
James L. McCarron, Jr. Maryland Municipal League
Pamela Saul

Erroll Mattox
General Public

Rural Maryland Council
Amy Moredock
Maryland Association of County Planning Officials
W. Harold Feaga Maryland Farm Bureau

Cheryl D. DeBerry General Public, Western Maryland Ag Specialist
Kurt Fuchs

Charles Rice

Leslie Hart

Lisa Barge

Kathy Ann Abt

William Allen

Kathryn Danko-Lord
General Public, Mid-Atlantic Farm Credit

General Public, Charles County Planning Dept.

General Public, Washington County Ag Specialist

Anne Arundel County Ag Development

State Agency Designees
Deputy Secretary Julianne A. Oberg Maryland Department of Agriculture
Heather Barthel Maryland Department of Environment
Lisa Staley Maryland Dept. of Health & Mental Hygiene
Emily Wilson Maryland Dept. of Natural Resources
Mindie Burgoyne Maryland Dept. of Business & Economic Dev.
Daniel Rosen Maryland Dept. of Planning
Dave Myers College of Agriculture & Natural Resources

Primary Contact for the Public:

Cassie Shirk
Director of Legislation & Government Relations
Maryland Department of Agriculture
50 Harry S. Truman Parkway
Annapolis, MD 21401

Entity's Meeting Schedule:

The Commission meets approximately twice a year.

Meeting Materials:

Annual Reports

February 2018
​Joint meeting with Maryland Agricultural Commission
GICA-Feb18-MAEF-Presentation.pdfMaryland Agricultural Education Foundation (MAEF), presentation by George Mayo, Maryland Agricultural Education Foundation,Executive Director,.
GICA-Feb18-My-Maryland-Farmers-Presentation.pdfMy Maryland Farmers - Preaching Outside the Choir, presentation by Laurie Adelhart

September 2017

The Future of Sustainable Farming & Forestry in Maryland, presentation by Joe Tassone, Maryland Depart. of Planning, Program Manager of Geospatial Data. 

December 14,2015
Minutes from Oct. 23, 2014 Meeting
Food Safety Modernization Act​, presentation by Dept. of Agriculture Food Quality Assurance
On Farming Here We Go​, presentation by Dept. of Health & Mentaly Hygiene
 Aquacultre is Farming, opinion editorial by Del. O'Donnell and Sen. Klausmeier

October 2014

October 2013

October 24, 2011

June 21, 2011

October 29, 2010

July 22, 2010