Governor’s Intergovernmental Commission for Agriculture

Entity's Vision and Mission:

The Commission shall work to promote the economic profitability of agriculture in the State by ensuring that all appropriate State agencies work in a cooperative, coordinated manner with local government and industry groups in planning, implementing, overseeing and evaluating intergovernmental initiatives related to agricultural affairs of the State.

Primary Responsibilities:
  1. ​Promote a clear and consistent business-friendly climate for agriculture in the State by serving as a liaison between the Governor and local governments and industry organizations;
  2. Develop an annual, coordinated intergovernmental plan for services and functions dealing with the agricultural affairs of the State;
  3. Develop procedures for identifying and assessing agricultural developments with a potential for impact on the State and on local governments;
  4. Develop and implement a consistent, systematic method for the coordination of the State's agricultural economic development activities;
  5. Develop and implement specific and measurable actions to improve the economic and regulatory climate for agriculture in the State;
  6. Make recommendations for programs and policies, if appropriate, in order to ensure that the needs and goals of the State's agricultural strategy are met and accomplished; AND
  7. Undertake the establishment of an "agricultural affairs information center" that serves as the first point of contact regarding agricultural issues impacting farmers in the State.
Entity's members: 

Members (Ex Officio)​ ​ ​
Member Departments​​ Secretary​​ Designee
Department of Agriculture​
​Joseph Bartenfelder (CHAIR) ​Julie Oberg
Department of Commerce​ ​Kelly M. Schulz
​Ewing McDowell
​Department of​ the Environment ​Ben Grumbles ​Suzanne Dorsey
​Department of Health ​Robert R. Neall ​Kirk Engle
Department of Natural Resources​ ​Jeannie Haddaway-Riccio ​Dan Rider
Department of Planning​ ​Robert S. McCord ​Val Lazdins​
​University of Maryland
College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
​Dr. Craig Beyrouty ​Dave Myers

​Member Organizations​​​​​ ​
​Member Organizations Member
​Maryland Agricultural Commission ​Michelle Chesnik​
​Maryland Association of County Health Officials ​Rodney Glotfelty
​Maryland Association of County Planning Officials ​Amy Moredock
​MARBIDCO​ ​Steve McHenry
​Maryland Association of Counties ​Laura Price
​Maryland Farm Bureau ​Howie Feaga
Maryland Municipal League​ ​Mayor James McCarron
Rural Maryland Council​ ​Erroll Mattox

​General Public Members​​​ ​
Organization Member
​Maryland Agricultural Education Foundation ​Susanne Zilberfarb
​Mid-Atlantic Farm Credit ​Kurt Fuchs
​Garrett County Maryland Economic Development ​Cheryl DeBerry
​Washington County Department of Business Development ​Leslie Hart
​Anne Arundel Economic Development Corporation ​Lisa Barge
​Perdue Farms Inc.             ​Kathryn Danko
​Patricia Langenfelder
​Dr. Mortimer Hugh Neufville
​Thomas Skilton​
​Kathy Abt​
Entity's Meeting Schedule:

The Commission meets approximately twice a year.

Meeting Materials:

Annual Reports



June 2019

Meeting Minutes

February 2018
​Joint meeting with Maryland Agricultural Commission
GICA-Feb18-MAEF-Presentation.pdf Presentation: Maryland Agricultural Education Foundation (MAEF), George Mayo, Maryland Agricultural Education Foundation
GICA-Feb18-My-Maryland-Farmers-Presentation.pdf Presentation: Preaching Outside the Choir, Laurie Adelhart, My Maryland Farmers

September 2017
 The Future of Sustainable Farming & Forestry in Maryland, presentation by Joe Tassone, Maryland Depart. of Planning, Program Manager of Geospatial Data. 

December 2015
 Minutes from Oct. 23, 2014 Meeting
 Food Safety Modernization Act​, presentation by Dept. of Agriculture Food Quality Assurance
 On Farming Here We Go​, presentation by Dept. of Health & Mentaly Hygiene
  Aquacultre is Farming, opinion editorial by Del. O'Donnell and Sen. Klausmeier

October 2014

October 2013

October 2011

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July 2010

​​​Primary Contact

Cassie Shirk
Director of Legislation & Government Relations
Phone: (410) 841-5886