Young Farmers Advisory Board Fact Sheet

Official Name of Board or Commission:Young Farmers Advisory Board

Statuto​ry Authority
Agriculture Article, § 2-1001 et seq., Annotated Code of Maryland

Entity’s Vision and Mission:

Mission Statement:

The Maryland Young Farmers Advisory Board serves to promote Agriculture as a positive contributor to Maryland’s economy, environment, and scenic landscape; and to make recommendations related to economic development and policy issues that will assist young and beginning farmers, and other related businesses in creating and continuing profitable Agriculture throughout the State.

Primary Function

1) Identify and address issues relating to young and beginning farmers in the state ad make recommendations to the Maryland Agriculture Commission, and
2) Communicate to the general public, the Federal government, the State government, and Maryland Agriculture Commission the importance of young and beginning farmers to agriculture in the State.

Entity's members:

Name​​ ​Commodity
Taylor Brooke Huffman
​General Public
​Mason Grahame​ ​General Public
​Amy Rowe​ ​General Public
​Nora Crist ​General Public
​Jamie Tiralla​ ​General Public
​Michael Calkins​ ​General Public
​Brandon Eaves General Public​
​​Jenell Eck​ ​General Public​
​​Colin Jones ​General Public​
​Kayla Griffith​ ​Maryland Farm Bureau Rep
​Stone Slade ​Maryland Department of Agriculture Rep
​Jamie Weaver ​​Maryland Department of Natural Resources - Forestry Rep
  • ​General Public (5 seats)
  • Maryland Department of Commerce Representative
  • Maryland FFA ​Representative
  • Urban Farmer Representative

Maryland Young Farmer Survey 

Primary Contact for the Public: 

Maryland Department of Agriculture 
50 Harry Truman Parkway 
Annapolis, MD 21401 ​                                                                                                   
Phone: 410-841-5882  

Identified​ spokesperson for media or public speaking engagements:
Michael Calkins​

Entity's Meeting Schedule: