Maryland One Health Bulletins

collapse Year : 2021 ‎(2)
Vol 11 Issue 2MOHB Sept 14 2021 Wild Bird Mortality Event9/14/2021
Vol 11 Issue 1Suspect Rabies and Bite Reporting, Rabies Vaccine Delay Requests3/2/2021
collapse Year : 2020 ‎(2)
Vol 10 Issue 2Cache Valley Fever in Maryland Sheep and Goats2/26/2020
Vol 10 Issue 1New Rabies Vac Delay Form, One Health Month, Ticks, CDC ABX Report1/21/2020
collapse Year : 2019 ‎(5)
Vol 9 Issue 5Strep Zoo, Arbovirus Surveillance, Healthy Animals11/26/2019
Vol 9 Issue 4Chagas Disease, Harmful Algal Blooms, Avian Botulism, EEE9/4/2019
Volume 9 Issue 3Large Animal Vet Survey, Salmonella in Dog Treats, Arboviral Surveillance7/22/2019
Volume 9 Issue 2Tickborne Disease, Dog Import Suspension-Egypt, Zoonotic Diseases6/17/2019
Volume 9 Issue 1Liver Failure in Dogs-Dark False Mussel Ingestion, RB51 Brucellosis in Humans - Raw Milk Ingestion2/11/2019
collapse Year : 2018 ‎(3)
Volume 8 Issue 6World Rabies Day, New Pet Fact Sheets9/21/2018
Volume 8 Issue 5Deer, Longhorned Tick in MD, Marine Mammals and Sea Turtle Reporting8/13/2018
Vol 8 Issue 2Rabies Report, Salmonella in Chicks, Rabbits & Ducklings3/26/2018
collapse Year : 2017 ‎(6)
Vol 7 Issue 10 Arbovirus Surveillance Summary11/20/2017
Vol 7 Issue 9 Maryland Zika Report Summary, Outdoor Disease Awareness10/23/2017
Vol 7 Issue 6Chlamydia psittaci compendium, Rabies vaccine delay, Travel with Pets7/31/2017
Vol 7 Issue 5Canine Influenza, S.E US, Zika Virus 6/19/2017
Vol 7 Issue 3Avian Influenza- HPAI (H7N9) in Mississippi Flyway 3/7/2017
Vol 7 Issue 2Evanger's Pet Food Recall, Zoonoses Education Coalition2/10/2017
collapse Year : 2016 ‎(2)
Vol 6 Issue 4 Rare Influenza Virus Among NYC Cats 12/16/2016
Vol 6 Issue 2One Health Day, Arbovirus Surveillance11/3/2016
collapse Year : 2015 ‎(3)
Vol 5 Issue 5Update on Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza in the United States12/18/2015
Vol 5 Issue 3Rabies Regulations & Zoonotic Salmonellla9/25/2015
Vol 5 issue 1 Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza in Pacific & Central US3/11/2015
collapse Year : 2014 ‎(7)
Vol 4 Issue 7Ebola & Pets, 2014 Arboviral Surviellance 12/9/2014
Vol 4 Issue 6Maryland Arbovirus Surveillance, Mosquito Populations10/8/2014
Vol 4 Issue 5 Arbovirus Surveillance & Lyme Disease Survey, Animal Importation Guidance, Poplar Island and Dolphin Mortality Events8/14/2014
Vol 4 Issue 4West Nile Virus, Rabies Vaccinations, Goat Mortalities7/8/2014
Vol 4 Issue 3Salmonella Outbreaks, Pet Health and Tick Prevention Month 6/4/2014
Vol 4 Issue 2Rabies Titers Test Guidelines, Ruddy Duck Mortalities Talbot, St.Mary's Counties3/19/2014
Vol 4 Issue 1Snowy Owls In MD, 2013 Rabies Summary 1/28/2014
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