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Zika Awareness & Prevention

The Zika virus​ is spread primarily through the bite of certain species of infected Aedes mosquitoes, though recent developments indicate it can also be sexually transmitted. The best way to avoid the Zika virus is to prevent mosquito bites. And the best way to avoid bites is to eliminate areas where these mosquitoes lay their eggs. These areas are called "breeding sites." This webpage is designed to provide residents, homeowners and organizations with simple ways to ​eliminate mosquito breeding sites and avoid mosquito bites.
IMPORTANT: Some species of Aedes mosquitoes breed in containers of standing water around the home rather than in wetland areas. Your home can be a major breeding ground!

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Spraying Information
The department works with about 2,100 communities across the state to provide mosquito spraying services. However, we will spray for mosquitoes in areas we don't normally spray if Zika is detected in mosquito pools or if a person is infected. 

For more information, see the department's Mosquito Control Section

For Zika tips on the go, follow @MdAgMosquito​ on Twitter.
Zika Response: Conducting a Yard Inspection  (below) is a training video designed to show local health department personnel what to look for when inspecting a yard for mosquitoes that may carry the Zika virus. These inspections are done when mosquito populations pose a risk for Zika virus transmissions or when someone living in the area has been diagnosed with Zika. The purpose of these inspections is to eliminate mosquito breeding grounds and reduce the risk of Zika virus transmission. These inspections may be conducted by local health department personnel and both state and local mosquito control officials.

​​Training Video for Health Officials


Zika Public Service Announcements

The Public Service Announcements posted here can be used by any organization to help spread information about how to avoid Zika. You are welcome to link to these directly or download them for your use.
Public Service Videos (30 seconds)

*Audio production for the Skeeter Song by Good Hat Studios with acknowledgement to the Eastport Oyster Boy​s. Lyrics by Jeannine Dorothy, MDA Entomologist.  

You can watch all PSAs together on our YouTube Channel​
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  • B-Roll video of mosquito spray truck.

Humans & Zika

For more information on Zika’s effects on human health, see the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH) Zika Virus Information page and the Center for Disease Control website.