Ginseng Management Program

​The ginseng management program protects American ginseng, Panax quinquefolius, from over harvesting while allowing diggers to collect wild and cultivated plants. Harvested ginseng is certified so licensed dealers can sell this plant in international markets. Ginseng is a native herbaceous perennial that grows in woodland habitats. The dried roots are highly prized, especially in China and Korea, for their putative properties as an herb that promotes good health and well being.

Maryland Law requires anyone who collects and harvests ginseng for sale to have a valid annual collecting permit. Download the Application for Ginseng Collecting Permit to obtain an application. In addition, anyone who buys ginseng for resale shall register annually with the Department as a ginseng dealer. Download the Application for Ginseng Dealer's License to obtain an application.

NOTE: Applications accepted AFTER July 1 each calendar year.

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