Symptoms of Attack by Emerald Ash Borer

tree in the first stage of emerald ash borer
photo: James W. Smith
1. The upper third of a tree
dies back first,followed by
the rest the next year.
sprout of tree after emerald ash borer
photo: MI Dept of Agriculture
2. This is followed by many shoots or
sprouts emerging below dead portions
of the trunk. 
tree canopy dies 
photo: David Roberts, MSU
3. The canopy continues to
decline until the tree eventually
woodpecker holes in treewoodpecker
photo: R. Anderson, USDA FS
4. Woodpecker activity is an 'early
warning sign' of emerald ash borers.
d-shaped holes in bark of tree
photo: R. Rabaglia, MDA
5. Emerging adults leave tell-tale D-shaped exit holes behind tree bark
eaten leaves
photo: MDA
Signs of EAB include eaten leaves, as above.