Nutrient Management Implementation Plan

nutrient management field personnel


Nutrient management plans detail the optimum use of nutrients to minimize nutrient loss while maintaining crop yield. Soils, plant tissue, manure and/or sludge tests are used to develop application rates that meet projected crop yields based on soil productivity or historic yields of a site. With plan implementation, farmers follow guidelines for the amount, timing, and placement of nutrients on each crop. Plans are prepared by University of Maryland Extension specialists, private MDA-certified consultants or farmers who are certified by MDA to develop plans solely for their own operations. Plans must be revised and updated before they expire. Major changes to an operation may require a plan to be modified or updated sooner. In addition, farmers must have a soil test completed at least once every three years. Farmers who use manure, must have it analyzed for nutrient content at least every other year. 

Funding Source

Nutrient management plans are provided free of charge by University of Maryland Extension specialists. In addition, farmers may sign up for training to become certified by MDA to write their own nutrient management plans. ​​