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Can't wait for a spay/neuter project to begin in your area or maybe you don't qualify for free services but still need to find low-cost spay and neutering services for your pet now? 

The PETSMART Charities website has a very useful up-to-date-tool to help locate  low cost clinics in Maryland.   Simply click on the link below.  Once there, scroll down to the Map, enter your zip code, and click GO.  

Click on the Orange dots to find clinics and the Blue dots to find spay|neuter programs.  

       Petsmart charities.png
                                                   PETSMART Charities Provider Location Tool


For Even More Grant Opportunities Check Out: 

The Humane society of US Grant Opportunitiesclick on Humane Society of US-Grant Opportunities for links to other grant opportunities open to nonprofits and government agencies.



MD Regulations Standards of Care

JAVMA- Special Report- Association of Shelter Veterinarians -veterinary medical care guidelines for spay-neuter programs.pdf