Why Spay and Neuter Is So Important

Financial Benefit

Spay and Neutering Saves Lives and Also Saves Money!   

     Avoiding or minimizing Vet Care expense for animal with unexpected litters or disease:  Caring for a pet with a new litter or any disease can easily run into the thousands of dollars—five to ten times as much as a routine spay surgery.  Additionally, unaltered pets can be more destructive or high-strung around other animals.  Serious fighting is more common between unaltered pets of the same gender and can incur high veterinary costs.

pet collar


Licensing Your Pet…It’s the Law.

It is vitally important to comply with your county’s pet licensing law.  Why?;

-If your pet goes missing, having him licensed drastically improves your chances of getting him back.  A license tag helps animal control and shelters quickly identify your pet and get him back to you safely, especially after a disaster.

- Licensing lets people know that your pet is up to date on its rabies vaccinations.  A pet cannot be licensed unless it is properly vaccinated.  Animal control or a Good Samaritan will be much more likely to want to handle and care for your missing pet if they know that it is healthy and rabies-free.

-It's the law.  If you get caught without a license, which can and does happen, you will be hit with a hefty fine.  Many counties in Maryland have substantial fees if your pet is unlicensed and the cost of the license is far less than the penalty for being caught without one.

Many counties and cities in Maryland that require licenses will give you a great discount on your pet’s license if your pet is altered. 

               Click here  License Information.docx to see the licensing requirements in your area and the cost break you can get if you spay or neuter your pet.