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MHIB launched a statewide network of 35 Horse Discovery Centers in 15 counties in April 2015. These centers are part of a volunteer, certified program of already existing licensed stables that welcome the general public of all ages and experience levels to learn about horses in a knowledgeable and friendly environment. The breadth and diversity of the stables in the Discovery Center network is wide and deep. They range from trail riding centers to Western riding operations to horse rescues and stables offering summer camps, English equitation, even Civil War re-enactments. Geographically they are located in all regions of the state. MHIB invited it's more than 700 licensed stables to volunteer to become a Horse Discover Center if they were willing to meet stringent criteria and eagerly welcome newcomers with open arms to educate them about horses and horsemanship. The  MHIB inspection team approved 7 New HDC's for the 2019-2021 years. Criteria included proof of commercial liability insurance; written programs and procedures addressing safety rules and public outreach; clean, sanitary conditions, equipment and facilities; and of course, well cared for and healthy horses! 

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Press Release for our 2019 Seven New Horse Discovery Centers!

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