Maryland Facilities for Evacuated Horses

Horses and mules evacuated to MD from a declared disaster or evacuation area should have documentation of a current negative ELA test (the test done within one year). If this is not possible, equine from the disaster/evacuation area will be allowed into MD by the MD. Department of Agriculture, Animal Health without testing for a period of up to three days but they must be segregated from other horses that have the proper documentation and must return to their state of origin after that time. If it is a private facility then the owner will decide whether to allow the animal on their premises with no current health papers or ELA testing. If it is not a private facility, it would be up to the state or the local county agency to determine what health or ELA testing is needed. If they remain in Maryland after 3 days, they must be quarantined, examined by an accredited veterinarian and have and ELA test at the owner's expense.

View a list ​of over 747 facilities which are licensed to Board horses in the State of Maryland. That list includes contact, city and county information for all of those facilities.

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