Horse Board Maryland Licensed Stable

The Maryland Licensed Stable Network (MLSN)

2019 Maryland Licensed Stables List*​

*If you do not see your stable listed please contact us directly at  

A license application may be obtained by writing to:

    The Maryland Horse Industry Board
    Maryland Department of Agriculture
    50 Harry S. Truman Parkway
    Annapolis, MD 21401

About the Network:
In 1968, the Maryland General Assembly passed a law requiring commercial riding stables to be licensed. Largely because of this law, and subsequent rulings and regulations, Maryland, which has a centuries-old reputation for high-quality horsemanship, became recognized as a national leader in horse and rider welfare. 

If you are:
A BOARDING, LESSON, RENTAL, RESCUE, or SANCTUARY Stable with one or more horses, and solicit business from the public, you must obtain a Maryland stable license. Exemptions include Thoroughbred, Standardbred and Steeplechase breeding and training farms.

To obtain a new license :
  1. Contact the Maryland Horse Industry Board for an application: Ross Peddicord, Executive Director at 410-841-5798, or write to:
        The Maryland Horse Industry Board
        Maryland Department of Agriculture
        50 Harry S. Truman Parkway
        Annapolis, MD 21401
  2. Fill out and submit the application and pay the $125 annual fee. 
  3. Once MHIB Receives your application, a stable representative will contact you to set up an initial inspection.
  4. Once you pass inspection, you will receive your license, which must be posted in your stable.


  1. Establishes a level of trust with clients that the stable is fully licensed by the state, is subject to unannounced inspections, and abides by state laws. Some customers will NOT do business with an establishment unless it is licensed.
  2. Being licensed is a badge of honor, or if you will, a Good Housekeeping TM Seal of Approval. It shows the operator is interested in equine welfare and cares about the safety of its customers.
  3. Shows that the stable is a bonafide, professional operation and part of a larger statewide network that is considered a national leader.
  4. Licensed stables can participate in marketing programs that have been established by MHIB to help grow the industry and are linked to other national programs, such as the American Horse Council’s “Time to Ride” program. Licensed stables are also eligible for certain local, state and federal cost-sharing programs to improve their facilities, and for grants made by the MHIB.
  5. It’s the law. By being licensed, an operation avoids operating illegally and subjecting itself to possible fines and other penalties.