Animal Control Facilities

Animal control facilities may now renew their annual license online. The Responsible Individual of record should complete the process. If that person has changed since the last  renewal, please contact the Board office at 410-841-5862. New facilities may also apply for a license online as well.  

Note: All Animal Control Facilities must adhere to minimium standards of care, as described in Code of Maryland regulations. 

Animal Control Facilities must designate a Responsible Individual for the facility. The responsible individual must meet the following requirements: 
  • Be at least 21 years of age; 
  • Be formally designated by the owner or the board of directors as the responsible individual to obtain controlled dangerous substances for the animal shelter; and 
  • Not have been (within the last 10 years prior to being designated) convicted of a felony offense or a crime or infraction involving animal abuse or neglect; or controlled dangerous substances. 
The Responsible Individual shall: 
  • Be involved and present during the routine operations of the animal control facility; 
  • Successfully complete an approved euthanasia traning course. The following organizations offer  approved training courses: 
    • The American Humane Association (Approved in Regulation); 
    • National Animal Control Association (Approved in Regulation); 
    • The Professional Animal Workers of Maryland (PAWS) (Approved in Regulation); 
    • Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (Approved by Review October 26th, 2023)
  • Establish and Maintain written protocols for Euthanasia, Sedation, and any other form of Chemical Animal Control;
  • Ensure that employees who administer drugs to animals have obtained require training suitable to the setting in which they are required to perform work for the animal control facility; 
  • Designate the employees who are authorized to administer controlled dangerous substances and noncontrolled substances in the course of the activites of the animal control facility; 
  • Maintain and make available for inspection a current list of authorized employees; 
  • Ensure that the authorized employees only perform tasks and duties at the direction of the responsible individual or owner of the animal control facility; and 
  • Purchase and maintain the required controlled dangerous substances for use at the animal control facility. 
For more information regarding Animal Control Facility LIcenses, please refer to​ COMAR 15.14.04. 



Tonya Kendrick
Licensing Administrator


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