For Veterinarians

The application process will continue to require an official transcript from your college or university to be sent directly to the Board office. You can request this now and have it sent to us before you apply. If you are licensed in another state, we will need A Letter of Good Standing from that state. You may also request and send those  letters in before you submit your application. 

If you have questions, call the Board office at 410-841-5862. 

Initial Licensure:
If you are interested in applying for initial licensure or if you were issued a Maryland veterinary license and it has lapsed for 5 or more years, click below:  
Licensure in Maryland is a two-step process.  If you are eligible for licensure, you will be notified in writing and a registration application for the current fiscal year will be mailed to you.  Once the SBVME's office processes the registration application, an original license certificate and a registration certificate will be issued to you.  The registration certificate shall be posted in a location within the hospital where you will be working so that it is visible to the public.  

Late Licensure Renewal (less than 12 months expired):

If you have a Maryland veterinary license and no more than 12 months have lapsed since your license expired, you may renew your license online here. To renew online, you will need your license number and your control number.  If you need these numbers, please contact the State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners' (SBVME) office at (410) 841-5862.
Licensure Reinstatement (12 months to 5 years expired):
If you have a Maryland veterinary license that expired 12 months to 5 years ago, you shall seek reinstatement of the license before resuming the practice of veterinary medicine.  If you are interested in applying for reinstatement, click below:

Substance Abuse Issues 

Veterinarians who have problems with substance abuse or mental health issues can get help with the Maryland Healthcare Professionals Program. If you self-refer, the program will not contact the Board. 

Register with the PDMP
Veterinarians applying for a new or renewed individual CDS prescribing permit must register with the Prescription Drug Monitoring program. Veterinarians are currently exempt from reporting to the PDMP, but you must register. You will not be able to obtain a CDS permit without registering. For info & to register. Please direct questions about PDMP registration to program managers. ​