Licensing Verification/Letter of Good Standing

 A request for licensure verification, or a letter of good standing, must be made in writing to the Board. The fee is $25 and may be made payable in the form of a check or money order to the Maryland Department of Agriculture.  The fee must accompany the request, or the request will not be processed.

Please click here to open and print the Request for Licensure Verification form (Verification Form).  If the state veterinary board to which you are applying for licensure has a specific form to be completed, please submit that form with the Verification Form and payment.  Upon completing the Verification Form, submit it with payment to the following address:

Maryland Department of Agriculture

P.O. Box 17304

Baltimore, MD 21297-1304

Please direct questions to (410) 841-5862.

Note: Letters of Verification can take up to a month to process. Please submit your request as soon as possible.