Veterinary Technician Committee

Chairman: Dr. David Handel, Kentlands Veterinary Hospital (appointed June 9, 2020)

Jennifer Bila, RVT, Muddy Branch Veterinary Center (Montgomery County)
Amy Brauns, RVT, Everhart Veterinary Hospital (Baltimore)
Dr. Reggie Cox, Alpha Veterinary Center (Anne Arundel County)
Carianne Edmonds, RVT, Maryland Veterinary Surgical Services (Baltimore County) 
Jessica Lorey, RVT, Kentlands Veterinary Hospital (Montgomery County)
Terri Purkey, RVT, Anne Arundel Veterinary Emergency Clinic (Anne Arundel County)
Immediate Past Chairman: Dr. David Mckeown, Banfield-Gaithersburg, (Montgomery County) 


The legal charge of the Veterinary Technician Committee is as follows:

  1. Evaluate, examine, and determine the qualifications for applicants for registration as a veterinary technician;
  2. Recommend to the State Board the subject, scope, form, date, time, and location for each examination;
  3. Establish continuing education requirements for veterinary technicians;
  4. Define the duties and responsibilities of registered veterinary technicians;
  5. Recommend to the Board reasonable rules and regulations to carry out the provisions of this section; and
  6. Generally assist the Board in registering and regulating veterinary technicians. ​
See the Section 2-309 of the Veterinary Practice Act dealing with Registered Veterinary Technicians and the Veterinary Technician Committee.

See Code of Maryland regulations pertaining to Registered Veterinary Technicians