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If you are a representative of an organization that is requesting to award Continuing Education credits to licensed veterinarians or registered veterinary technicians who attend courses, seminars, presentations, etc. that you are planning to provide, you must submit a request for approval at least 30 days in advance of the event.  (Note: You can receive approval retroactively but you may not advertise the session as “CE approved” until you receive approval.)

If you are a licensed veterinarian or registered veterinary technician requesting to receive CE credit for an event you plan to attend, you must also submit approval during the fiscal year in which the event takes place and no later than June 1 of every year. You must receive approval before you may include it as part of your annual CE requirement (or triennial requirement for RVTs). Late submissions may not be considered. 

Note: Events that are RACE Approved are accepted by the Board and do not need approval 

Request for approval must be submitted online to the SBVME for approval. When you hit the submit button, you will be asked to provide the following information: 
  1. Sponsor's name and contact person's email address and telephone number;
  2. Title and/or topic, date(s), and location(s) of course, seminar, lecture, or meeting;
  3. Objectives or goals of the course, seminar, lecture, or meeting;  
  4. Name of instructor and brief biography (maybe be uploaded);
  5. Length of program; 
  6. Certificate of Attendance (required)
Please refer to COMAR 15.14.10 (for veterinarians).  See Reg. .05, Accreditation, for organizations that offer SBVME pre-approved CE.  The SBVME also accepts CE approved by RACE.

See COMAR 15.14.16 (for veterinary technicians).  See Reg. .04, Accreditation, for organizatios that offerSBVME pre-approved CE.  

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(NOTE. You must complete your request in one session. You can not save it and come back to it.)