License Registration Renewal FY2021

licensing portal is now open for FY21 license renewals for veterinarians, veterinary hospitals, RVTs and animal control facilities. 
The deadline for Renewal is Sept. 30, 2020. 

(Note: FY 2020 ended June 30, 2020. The new licensing year is FY 2021 which began July 1, 2020.)

We strongly recommend you use a Chrome Browser, especially if you are having difficulty uploading CE certificates.

If you have lost your login credentials: 
  • Go to the portal
  • Click on the “log in” button
  • Click on “forgot password.”
  • Instructions will be emailed to you. 
If you get a message that states:  “Email is not found” or if you don’t receive the instructions, contact the office so we can confirm or update your email.
NEW Licensees who applied on paper. If you were licensed in the last 12 months and applied using a paper application rather than online portal, you need to set up your portal account.  
  • Go to the portal and select the Register button (NOT the log-in button)
  • When asked, “Have you been previously licensed in Maryland?” Answer “yes” and enter your personal information. 
  • If you get a message that says "email is already taken" then you have an account. Follow the steps above to reset your login credentials.  
  • If your email is “not found” or if you are not receiving the email with instructions, contact the office so we can confirm and update your email on file with us.

Upload CEs: 
Veterinarians must upload proof of 18 CEs in order to renew for FY 2021. RVTs whose license expires this year must upload 24 CEs to renew for FY 2023.  All required CEs may be done online this year only. 

You will be able to see what you uploaded in the past but you cannot alter what you have already submitted. You may upload more CEs than you need if you have excess CEs but you must designate what year you are using them for by selecting the “Fiscal Year Where Credit Applies.”  

(Note: If you are splitting CEs between fiscal years – for instance you earn 20 CEs at a conference and are using 18 CEs for FY21 and allotting 2 CEs for next year, you will have to upload the same certificate twice for each year and note the number of CEs and the fiscal year for each.)

If you have been licensed in Maryland for fewer than 12 months, you will not have to upload CEs. The system should allow you to bypass this step. If it doesn’t, contact the office so we can verify your original licensing date.

If you notice that you have made an error with your CEs after submitting your renewal application, don't panic. Contact the office so we can correct the error.

Personal Info. When you log in, you will be able to update your personal contact information at top right where it says “profile.” State regulations require you to keep your home and employment information up-to-date, so please make sure the information we have is correct.

Employment info. You will not be able to update your employment information on the portal. If you see it is incorrect, renew your registration and then inform us of the change by clicking on the "change of address" form to the right on this webpage.  (Check the online look up now to see if you’re listed appropriately. )

Hospital Licenses. Veterinarians who are also licensing hospitals will be able to renew both their individual license and their hospital license from the portal. You should see both available for renewal when you log in. Local business representatives for owners who have several facilities in the state should also be able to renew all of the facilities after logging in. If you don’t see all your facilities listed and available for renewal, contact the office.

Licensing Deadlines: September 30, 2020.
Read the Secretary's Order. ​  

Contact us:
Phone: 410-841-5862 
Twitter:​ @MdVetBoard.

Tonya D. Kendrick
Licensing Administrator

NOTE: The fastest  way to contact us during the pandemic is by email at Please explain the problem you're having and provide a phone number where we can reach you. We will return phone calls to the office, but they take longer to reach us.  You can also follow us and reach us on Twitter @MdVetBoard

Keep your information current! 
If your home or practice address has changed or if you have changed your name, update your information below: 



If you are selling all or part of your hospital, opening a new veterinary hospital, changing the name of an exisit hospital, or changing locations for a hospital, you have to let us know. See more info.​

Veterinary Practice Act. If you haven't reviewed the Veterinary Practice Act​ or the regulations of the Act in awhile, now is a good time to review them. When you renew your license registration, you are required to affirm that you know and understand them.  

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